2012 Newsletters


Still struggling with your weight loss? Afraid you’ll gain back what you lost in the Ministry Community Weight Race? Or are you in need of getting started again? Look no further then Healthy Habits. This realistic approach to weight loss has 17 workshops that take place from May through December. You’ll learn how good nutrition and gradual lifestyle changes can help you lose weight and keep it off. More information.

Awards ceremony re-cap

Congratulations to everyone that participated in this year’s competition. Check out all the winners here.

10% winners: Awarded to individuals that lost 10% of their weight. Winners will be recognized with a ceramic bowl with a spoon.

Matter of Waist winners: Awarded to individuals who move their weight circumference from unhealthy to healthy. Males: 40” or less, Females 35” or less. Individuals can also win this ward if they lose five or more inches from the start. Winners will be recognized with a reflective light or a tape measure.

Perseverance winners: Awarded to individuals of the MCWR who have continued to sustain their weight goals from previous years in the MCWR. This, by definition, is perseverance to fight the obesity epidemic. Winners will be recognized with a key chain.

Team standings and winners: There were 190 teams in this year competition.

Final thoughts from Traci

I had a wonderful time getting to know many of you this year in the competition. I am very proud of many of you who achieve remarkable behavior changes in these 15 weeks. But, I have to ask you, now that the competition is over, what will you do? What will you do to maintain what you have gained in this race? What will you do to keep the scale from moving backwards? What will you do to continue to lead a healthier life? I’ll tell you what I told many of you already—HAVE A PLAN. Start thinking about the next competition or event that you can be involved with. We are so lucky that our community and surrounding areas are so involved in events that get us to move more and make us remember to be healthy. Here is a list of the upcoming ones for May and June.

May 2- Healthy Habits starts
May 5- American Heart Association walk- Stevens Point
May 9- Fit Kids event #4 @ UWSP
May 16- Healthy Habits class
May 30- Healthy Habits class
June 2- Walk Wisconsin
June 5- Move to Improve starts    
June 8- Relay for Life- Wausau
June 13- Healthy Habits class
June 27- Healthy habits class

Remember, you will continue to receive newsletters from me for until the end of the year. So, if you need anything, just ask. I wish you all the very best! And like Carole Carson said in the beginning, “Back up your words with actions!”

Traci Smet
Ministry Community Weight Race Coordinator