Neighborhood Profiles

Neighborhood Profiles


Agape's work through the Healthy Neighborhoods Initiative focuses on providing resources for and making improvements in Thurston Woods, Old North Milwaukee, and Fairfield.  Neighborhood development staff are also able to provide resources to residents living in Graceland, Havenwoods, Lincoln Park, McGovern Park, Town & Country Manor, and Wyrick Park.  Scroll down to learn more about the neighborhoods Agape serves, or click a neighborhood on the map below to view its profile.





Thurston Woods





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Thurston Woods is a quiet neighborhood on Milwaukee’s Northwest side. The variety of architectural styles, long residential blocks and tree-line streets provide neighbors with a unique personality that sets it apart from other Milwaukee neighborhoods. Thurston Woods lies between Teutonia Avenue to the east, Hopkins Street to the west, Silver Spring Drive to the south and Douglas Avenue to the north. Thurston Woods is also a part of the Healthy Neighborhood Initiative through the Greater Milwaukee Foundation. Being a Healthy Neighborhood means that the Neighborhood Development staff at the Agape Community Center will be implementing revitalization strategies in Thurston Woods to help promote improving the physical conditions of the neighborhood, increase social connections between neighbors, enhancing the neighborhood identity and stabilize the real estate market. If you would like to learn more about the Healthy Neighborhood Initiative or want to participate in any of our programs that are focused on neighborhood development, please contact the Neighborhood staff at Agape today!



Please contact either Karen Mierow if you have any questions about what the Neighborhood Development office can do for you! 414-465-5804




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Old North Milwaukee



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The Agape Community Center also serves the neighborhood directly south of Thurston Woods, Old North Milwaukee. Agape’s service area in Old North Milwaukee extends from Silver Spring Drive to Villard Ave and N. 27th Street to Hopkins Street. Old North Milwaukee has a unique history of shifting community identities. It evolved from agriculture to a hub for railway transportation to a center of industrial boom to eventually becoming a quiet residential neighborhood on the Northwest side of Milwaukee.

Residents of the Old North neighborhood have a unique opportunity to apply for partially forgivable loans for exterior home improvements called a Targeted Investment Neighborhood or TIN. If you reside between the North 35th Street to North 40th Street, from Silver Spring Drive to Rohr Avenue, you can potentially qualify for this partially forgivable loan! Landlords are also encouraged to apply for this loan! If you are interested in the TIN Loan please contact the Agape Neighborhood Development Staff and we can help you start filling out your application today!


Contact Karen Mierow at 414-465-5804 if you are interested in applying for the TIN program!











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Fairfield is neighborhood that is predominantly a manufacturing and commercial neighborhood with small pockets of residential areas inbetween. The Silver Mill shopping center is one of the larger commercial corridors that runs along Teutonia Ave with Sigma Aldrich, a large transnational chemicals company, right across the street.


Please see our Programs page for more information about current services for Fairfield residents.










The Graceland neighborhood's assets exist along their commercial and industrial corridor along Mill Road. Everything west of North 51st Street lies in Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation's (HEDC) service area. Please visit their website to see what services they can offer the Graceland neighborhood!



Please see our Programs page for more information about current services for Graceland residents.










The portions of Havenwoods within the Agape service area are significant open space resources for the surrounding region.  Neighborhood Development staff work with Havenwoods State Forest and Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation (HEDC)  on shared opportunities to sustain and improve these valuable resources.



Please contact HEDC here to see what resources they have to offer as well as their upcoming events!





Lincoln Park


From Silver Spring Drive to Villard Avenue, from Green Bay Road to North 27th Street is where the Agape Community Center's service area lies in the Lincoln Park Neighborhood. Lincoln Park has great assets like the Auer Steel Corporation as well as Johnson Controls. All programs through the Neighborhood Development are available to those who live in the Agape service area.


Please see our Programs page for more information about current services for Lincoln Park residents.





McGovern Park


McGovern Park resides in the southwest corner of the Agape service area. McGovern Park has great assets like McGovern Park as well as the Senior Center within the park. Please call the McGovern Park Senior Center at 414-527-0990 to see what services they can provide!


Please see our Programs page for more information about current services for McGovern Park residents.





Town & Country Manor


The Town and Country Manor neighborhood lies on the north end of the Agape service area. It is a predominantly a residential neighborhood with assets that include the Hawthorne Elementary School as well as the SDC Head Start Program. Another organization that exists in the Town and Country Manor neighborhood is the Greentree-Teutonia Community Learning Center. Please call them at 414-352-7120 to see what services they can offer you today!


Please see our Programs page for more information about current services for Town & Country Manor residents.






Wyrick Park


Wyrick Park resides in the northwest corner of the Agape Community Center's service area and also resides in the Havenwoods Economic Development Corporation (HEDC). One of this neighborhood's biggest assets is Wyrick Park that likes between North 53rd Street and 54th on Greentree Road. 


If you live in HEDC's service area please check them out here to find out what services they have to offer and their upcoming events!