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Ministry Home Care
Committed to furthering the understanding and use of home care services

At Ministry Home Care, we see our mission as one that is bigger than our service area. We are committed to helping people throughout the nation understand and access home health and hospice care. To that end, we have developed several tools that have proven highly successful for us, and we are eager to share them with our colleagues in the field. Click to learn more about each of our highly-acclaimed products that are now available to you at very reasonable prices.

The Gift of Hospice

A turn-key fundraising and awareness-building event featuring live performances by Grammy-nominee Karen Taylor-Good. Make The Gift of Hospice the annual event in your community - we've got years worth of programs you can utilize!

"This was the best fundraising event I've been to, and I've been to many over the years as an estate-planning attorney! It was so well choreographed - you knew when to make me cry, when to ask me to give, and had us dancing at the end! To be so touched emotionally, and to be leaving feeling like I've just been to the best celebration ever - now THAT is something! Anyone who attends this will come away seeing the value in hospice, and open to accessing it when it's necessary in their lives."
~Richard A. Braun, Gift of Hospice guest

Facility Training Program

Now Available with Spanish Subtitles! 

With Medicare's updated Conditions of Participation, we are all scrambling to train the staff of our contracted facilities. This 2-DVD set was designed to assist with that effort! Included is a reproducible Learner Guide. We have distributed the program to all of our contracted facilities, and they are utilizing it with all new employee orientations. They are thrilled to have this outstanding tool.

Community Outreach Videos 

Now Available with Spanish Subtitles! 

Our videos are watched in all 50 states, and beyond our nation's borders - every day, people learn more about the importance of home health and hospice care by watching these brief but powerful programs. Available on DVD - all are priced to allow you to purchase multiple copies at a very low cost, so you can freely share them throughout your community and educate at every turn.

"What wonderful videos! Ministry Home Care has captured the essence of home care and hospice and their benefits to patients and their families. These programs will be extremely valuable in communicating what these services are all about."
~Stephen C. Tweed, CEO
Leading Home Care...a Tweed Jeffries company, Louisville, KY