Rehabilitation Services in Marshfield

Rehab Unit 5W at Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital

Acute Therapy Services

Our acute therapy staff is part of the multidisciplinary inpatient care team dedicated to optimizing recovery following surgery, injury or illness.

Hyperbaric Medicine Service in Marshfield

Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital offers patients suffering from radiation injury, diabetic wounds and other various disorders the opportunity to receive this advanced treatment. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) involves the use of oxygen at greater-than-normal atmospheric pressures to treat a variety of disorders.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Most patients return to usual activities with a few months after a heart attack and/or surgery. Cardiac rehabilitation monitors and assists you with improving your recovery, increasing your fitness level, and reducing you risk of any new cardiac events.

Stroke Rehabilitation

The Stroke Rehabilitation Program provides services that focus on prevention of stroke, on minimizing impairment, on reducing activity limitations, and on maximizing the participation and quality of life of persons who have sustained a stroke.

The Rehabilitation Center

The Rehabilitation Center emphasizes restoring an individual to the highest level of function possible following a disabling disease or injury.

The 21-bed Rehabilitation Center at Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital is specifically designed for rehabilitation patients, with therapeutic services provided on the unit for maximum convenience and accessibility; private and semi-private rooms equipped for use by people with disabilities; and Independence Square, a replica of a community street presenting patients with familiar challenges, which can be overcome in a safe environment.

The Performance Center

Established in 1987 to meet the industrial rehabilitation needs of Marshfield and the surrounding communities, the Performance Center specializes in promoting safe work practices and in returning injured employees to the work force in a timely manner.

Inpatient Rehabilitation Services Quarterly Newsletter

Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital has both an adult inpatient rehabilitation (rehab) unit as well as a pediatric rehabilitation unit through Ministry Saint Joseph's Children's Hospital.  These units are central Wisconsin's only CARF accredited inpatient rehabilitation units.

The quarterly newsletter provides case managers and providers a resource within Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital to learn about changes, additions and success stories in our inpatient rehabilitation department.



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