Patient Stories


40+ Weeks. Worth the Wait.
A boy ahead of his time
A child’s view on people & puppy care
A clear Goal
A coach’s miracle victory
A great call
A patient/doctor bond
A perfect start
A profile in courage

A seasonal escape

A walk in the park
A whole new woman
Achilles heal and Tae Kwon Do
Ahead of the curve
All the world's a stage
ATV mishap; trauma care; survival
Baby bump
Baby steps
Baby powder
Back on the water
Beat cancer, does ballet
Better sleep; better performance
Bird watcher now a bird listener
Blessed with a new baby
Cancer survivor says “thanks” with handiwork
Cared for after caring for husband
Casting a bright future
Family. Farm.
Family friendly
Family recipe
Finish line in sight
Growing without the pains
For cancer survivor, Advantage: Life
From surgery to setting sail
Happy hunting
Healthy hunting
Healthy horizons after weight loss
Help for Jackie’s Haitian relief effort
High-end Technology. Happy Trails.
Home grown and healthy
In health and happiness
Life Cycle
Life story. Great cast.
Little things big impact
Lost 100+ pounds; ran half marathon at 60
Made with love
Major trauma, major recovery
Making a difference after embolism
Nature and the new mom
Near death; life restored
Operation Perfect strike
Operation: Right on target
Outdoor Survival
Overcoming cancer at age 4
Pain free. Pantry full
Patience put first
Personalized Care for Jeff
Personalized Care for Kaylie
Physical therapist &
boys = winning team
Playbook appendix
Portrait of a mother
Princess Olive gets vaccinated
Reading easier after surgery
Recipes for good health
Rising to the challenge
RN reduces stress of birthing experience
Rolling with the changes
Seamless Operation
Shoulder surgery done, swimming again
Sights set on the fairway
Small Blessings
Small Talk
Sound Advice
Superhero saved
Surviving a stroke at age 15
Teddy bears and tongue depressors
The future is clear
The gift of time
The hip and the iron horse
The mom versus the meniscus
The most important catch
The sound of music
Three Peat!
Tiny works of art
Trauma, shock – and then – survival
Vision for the long run
Vision of grandeur
Wheels keep on turning
Wholesome Beginnings
Wings for Marcus