Patient Stories

Read what our patients are saying!

Our patients at Ministry Door County Medical Center love to tell their stories and we're proud to present them.  Here are just a few of our most recent patients and how their experiences at Ministry Door County Medical Center turned out for them. 


Total Knee Replacement Patient

“I did not have any pain after the surgery or with the therapy,”

                                          - Barb Tolzmann








 Shoulder Surgery Patient



"Everyone thinks that when hear 'rotator cuff surgery' they have

to head to Green Bay or a major-metropolitan care provider. 

We have one of the big-guns right here in Door County - Dr. Davis"

-Dennis Schermerhorn


Total Knee Replacement Patient

"I've had multiple surgeries from other providers on my knees

and this (by far) has been the best experience of all.  Dr. Tomaszewski

is a great surgeon."

                    - George Walther



  Arthritis Care Patient

“She takes the time to get to know me; not only my symptoms; but my entire lifestyle

and the stressors in my life and comments on how those affect my arthritis,”

                    - Monica Nichter

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