Old North Milwaukee


The Agape Community Center also serves the neighborhood directly south of Thurston Woods, Old North Milwaukee. Agape’s service area in Old North Milwaukee extends from Silver Spring Drive to Villard Ave and N. 27th Street to Hopkins Street. Old North Milwaukee has a unique history of shifting community identities. It evolved from agriculture to a hub for railway transportation to a center of industrial boom to eventually becoming a quiet residential neighborhood on the Northwest side of Milwaukee.

Residents of the Old North neighborhood have a unique opportunity to apply for partially forgivable loans for exterior home improvements called a Targeted Investment Neighborhood or TIN. If you reside between the North 35th Street to North 40th Street, from Silver Spring Drive to Rohr Avenue, you can potentially qualify for this partially forgivable loan! Landlords are also encouraged to apply for this loan! If you are interested in the TIN Loan please contact the Agape Neighborhood Development Staff and we can help you start filling out your application today!










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